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Books are the major source of knowledge for the students and the quality of a book decides the growth of students, both in gaining knowledge and acquiring cogent skills. Therefore, it is important to ensure that quality textbooks are listed in the curriculum for the students.

Unfortunately, we lack quality textbooks in the market. Most of the books available in the market are not even apt for students. The contents of these books do not match with the students' age, level, grades, and environmental background. It is indeed the need of the hour to get rid of the claws of textbook merchants' vicious circle of extortion.

In the real essence, the contents in a book should have to be written following research on the point that it matches the students' age, level, grades, and environmental background, so that it can help them to acquire knowledge more efficiently. Properly graded and leveled books and the books that follow the formula of difficulty are the major characteristics of quality textbooks. A quality textbook co-ordinates with the previous knowledge of the pupil. There is a need for publishing a set of textbooks that assures the availability of quality textbooks to the students. Moreovever, we have published books on certain impotant subjects like intelligence developmet (IQ) and English speaking, General Knowledge which have proven impact on students and helps them in clearing competitive exams.

The books published by Sadique-Mishfiqa Publishers exactly follow the characteristics of quality textbooks. It has published a good number of books for students of class Nursery to Fifth standard. And the process in on upper classes. These books are readily available throughout the year. Any schools can include these books in their curriculum. It is not mandatory for the schools using Sadique-Mushfiqa publisher's text books to become a member of Nagaon Zila Jatiya Vidyalaya Shiksha Parishad. Books are universal without any binding anyone can have them at cost, at will.

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